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Sep 18, 2007

The Troubled Chef (Logic Brainteaser Puzzle)

The famous chef Henri Labouffe had a problem. His staff had broken some of the kitchen crockery. He had a jug full of vinegar but he only needed 4 deciliters. His only measuring jars were for 5 deciliters and 3 deciliters. So how did he manage to measure 4, without wasting any vinegar?

Clue for the Puzzle:

Start by filling the 5 deciliter container. Then fill the 3 deciliter container. This leaves 2 deciliters in the 5 deciliters container. Then pour the 3 deciliters back into the jug.

Answer for the Puzzle:

Then pour the 2 deciliters into the 3 deciliters container. Refill the 5 deciliters container. Pour 1 deciliter into the 3 deciliter container, thus filling it. 4 deciliters are left in the 5 deciliter container.

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