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Sep 28, 2007

The Cheating Runners (logic Brainteaser Puzzles)

When Alex, Brian and Chris finished their race they were feeling very tired. It had been raining very heavily, so heavily in fact that the judges were unable to see who came in first, who second and who third. When he asked the three men, they each made two statements. One man lied in both his statements. The other two told the truth. This is what they said:

Alex said, ‘I came in first, Chris was last.’

Brian said, ’Alex wasn’t first. Chris came in second.’

Chris said, ‘I was before Alex. Brian wasn’t second.’

So what was the order in which they crossed the finishing line?

Clue for the Puzzle: What Alex and Brian say about Chris disagrees. Therefore one of them must be lying.

Answer for the Puzzle: Alex and Brian say different things about Chris. Therefore one of them is lying and Chris must be telling the truth. Since Chris says he was before Alex, it is obvious that Alex is lying about coming first. Therefore the real order must have been Brian (who wasn’t second, according to Chris who told the truth), then Chris (Because Brian said so, and he also was telling the truth)-finally Alex.

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