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Sep 14, 2007

Riddles (Brainteaser Puzzle)

1. What has four legs and a back but cannot walk or move on its own?

2. What touches you all the time without being seen?

3. What can smile and move and laugh, just like you, without being alive?

4. What has a mouth bigger than its head?

5. What is always coming but never arrives?

6. What can’t you say without breaking it?

7. Why is an empty room like a room full of married people?

8. Why do birds fly south?

9. How long will a seven day clock run without winding?

10. What has four legs and flies?

11. What is the difference between a flea and an elephant?


1. A chair

2. The air

3. Your picture in the mirror

4. A river

5. Tomorrow

6. The word ‘silence’

7. Because there isn’t a single person

8. Because walking would take too long

9. It won’t run

10. A dead horse

11. An elephant can have fleas, but a flea can’t have elephants.

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