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Sep 28, 2007

The Local Bus (Math Brainteaser puzzles)

The local minibus that runs from our village to the nearest town has the following seating regulations:

Maximum Capacity:

Sitting: 8 adults or 12 children

Standing: 2 adults or 4 children

As the last bus drew up at one of the stops on Saturday evening there were six adults who wanted to get on. But there were already seven children in the bus. How many of the adults would be able to get on the bus if the regulations were observed?

Clue for the Puzzle: If 12 children can sit in the same space as eight adults, how much room would three children take up?

Answer for the Puzzle: No problem! If 12 children can sit in the same space as eight adults then three children could sit in the same space for two adults. This meant that if four children stood up and three remained seated, there would still be room for the six adults to sit down. So everyone was able to get on.

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