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Oct 7, 2007

Small Village (Logic Brainteaser Puzzle)

I live in a very small village where many people are related to each other. For example Tom, Dick and Harry are garage owner, vicar and solicitor but not in that order. Tom is the vicar’s father-in-law and Dick is the solicitor’s son-in-law. Everyone was at the church last Saturday when Harry married the garage owner’s daughter. Who does which job? (By the way, the people are very moral in our village, so none of the three has been married more than once.)

Again, in order to make it more interesting, I am not giving the answer or the clue straight, and this one is pretty tough. Please try to give your answer in the comment box at my blog or by email, I’ll check it out as soon as possible, and I’ll give the clue and the answer eventually. Thx guys!!


Anonymous said...

heyy..can u put up the solution please..

Anonymous said...

The answer is Tom is the solicitor, Dick is the garage owner, and Henry is the vicar. I am just 12 yet I figured that out quickly.

Anonymous said...

Tom - solicitor
Dick - garage owner
H ->Vicar

But this statement doesn't hold good "Tom is the vicar’s father-in-law"