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Oct 7, 2007

The Pawnbroker (Logic Brainteaser Puzzle)

As I reached the ticket office I realized I had no cash, only a $10 postal order. The fare to Cambridge was $7 and the booking clerk would not accept my postal order. Luckily there was a pawnbroker nearby, so I went in and pawned my postal order for $7. On my way back into the station, I met Patrick, a friend of mine, who offered to buy the pawn ticket from me for $7, to save me the trouble of coming back to London. Naturally I agreed, then rushed in and bought my ticket. When I got to Cambridge I still had $7 of course.

So who lost?

Clue: If the man who travelled to Cambridge had been able to use his $10, he would have had $3 left after deducting the fare. Instead he has $7. So $4 has come from somewhere. In order to redeem the postal order, someone will have to pay the pawnbroker back his $7..

Answer: Patrick is the loser.


Voice said...

Patrick lost $4 and the main initially having the postal order gained $4.

patrick has to again pay $7 to get the postal of $10. so he paid $14

~my rating
simple problem :D

Andri said...

yeah i think this one is quite simple too, how about the 'small village' question? have you got the answer yet?