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Oct 11, 2007

Chess Player (Logic Brainteaser Puzzle)

Two men played five games of chess. They each won the same number of games. How was this possible?

Again, in order to make it more interesting, I am not giving the answer or the clue straight. Please try to give your answer in the comment box at my blog or by yahoo groups email, I’ll check it out as soon as possible, and I’ll give the clue and the answer eventually. Thx guys!!


Subramony said...

They won two games each. one was drawn

Andri said...

nope, there were not any draw result

Subramony said...

They were playing against different players and not against each other

Andri said...

thats right, cool..
not that hard huh..

Kim said...

Not very difficult to answer! They were playing against different players and not with each other.
Here's a brainteaser for you to solve ;P

sudoku said...

Hmm... That's clever.
Playing against different players of course !

Caro said...

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Thank You all